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The changing demands of investing and trading in this new world of advanced technology, digital asset processing, and instant global access requires innovation and imagination. We are the right partner to help you navigate in the ever-evolving clearing, custody and financial technology space.

Managing Your Data

We utilize our own proprietary and custom designed custodial and clearing technology, called Matrix®. The Matrix® system was designed with built-in modularity and scalability allowing us the means to process large amounts of transactional data, and interface across multiple DMA performance reporting, and other third-party technology platforms. The Matrix system effectively processes millions of transactions per day involving billions of dollars. In addition, as a proprietary system of Apex Pro, the Matrix system provides you with the comfort of knowing that your data is protected and managed in-house, and not being sourced or viewed by unauthorized outside parties.


CO2 (Continuous Optimizing Output) is a core operating principle at Apex Pro. It keeps us focused on “ever-optimizing” our operations with a redefined view of success as a “continuous process”, and not merely as an “end goal.” This is the perspective we take when developing solutions for our business and for you. At Apex Pro, we understand that the investment and trading community is experiencing a paradigm shift and needs partners who provide creative and dynamic tools, solutions and ideas for growth and expansion. We are the right partner for you if you are looking to take advantage of the new marketplace, and looking to harness new technology and new thought in growing your business.


Memberships & Destinations

The national market system includes many alternatives for sources of liquidity and order execution. In addition to the national stock exchanges, many varieties of firms offer liquidity-finding services or methods of order execution. It is important to Apex Pro that we offer access to as many venues as possible in order to provide our clients with choices when determining what is most productive for their business models and what provides the best value according to their needs.


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